SS: in 2006 i sorta gathered data on what was an experiment. a white buffalo was born into the world and was struck by lightening three weeks later. i ahppen to be conducting research at the time and gathered this data of a full looped “scalar potential” entering the sun. we saw the ringed sunspot enter the sun followed by dramatic X9 and x6 solar flares and coronal mass ejections. the auroras caused by this massive x-flare extended all the way to northern usa.

SS: UPDATED: 07-21-13: nasa data shows that solar flares are powered by magnetic reconnection events that can produce coronal mass ejections.. the white buffalo entering the sun formed a ringed sunspot and a magnetic reconnection event occurred powering several very large x-classed solar flares..

SS: this experiment has proven that my theory regarding full looped “scalar potentials” will reach and enter the sun when the stargate is open even if the white buffalo is struck by lightening. the open stargate is a “game changer” .. the rules and laws that used to apply no longer apply now due to greater forces and laws at work in this solar system and world. 

RING-SHAPED SUNSPOT: A new sunspot has materialized–and it’s an odd one. Sunspot 927 is shaped like a ring. John Nassr of the Philippines photographed it this morning. The ring is about twice as wide as Earth and makes an easy target for backyard solar telescopes. It’s worth watching. The magnetic field of this ‘spot might be arranged in an unusual way, leading to instabilities and eruptions.

Major Flare Earth-orbiting satellites detected a major X9-class solar flare this morning at 1035 UT (5:35 a.m. EST). The source: big, new sunspot 930*, which is emerging over the Sun’s eastern limb. GOES-13 captured this X-ray image of the blast:

SOLAR TSUNAMI: When sunspot 930 exploded on Dec. 6th, producing an X6-category flare, it also created a tsunami-like shock wave that rolled across the face of the sun, wiping out filaments and other structures in its path. An H-alpha telescope in New Mexico operated by the National Solar Observatory (NSO) recorded the action: “These large scale blast waves occur infrequently, however, are very powerful,” says Dr. K. S. Balasubramaniam of the National Solar Observatory. “They quickly propagate in a matter of minutes covering the whole sun and apparently sweeping away filamentary material.” Researchers are unsure whether the filaments were blown off or were compressed so they were temporarily invisible.

AURORAS FROM SPACE: How bright were the auroras of Dec. 14th? As bright as city lights and easily seen from space. A US Air Force DMSP satellite took this picture from orbit 830 km above the United States: The bright arc stretching from Montana to Maine is the aurora borealis. In many places it completely overwhelms the city lights below. “The DMSP satellite has the ability to detect auroral light at night,” says Paul McCrone of the Air Force Weather Agency at Offutt AFB in Nebraska. “These images are mosaics of various DMSP overflights on Dec. 12-13, Dec. 13-14, and Dec 14-15. The Dec. 14th image is quite striking.”

The Heart of Space Weather Observed in Action July 15, 2013 Two NASA spacecraft have provided the most comprehensive movie ever of a mysterious process at the heart of all explosions on the sun: magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection happens when magnetic field lines come together, break apart and then exchange partners, snapping into new positions and releasing a jolt of magnetic energy. This process lies at the heart of giant explosions on the sun, such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which can fling radiation and particles across the solar system.

On Aug. 17, 2011, the sun emitted a solar flare and treated scientists to the most comprehensive view of the complex configuration of moving magnetic fields – a process called magnetic reconnection – which powered it. (NASA Goddard)

Lightning kills rare white buffalo in Wisconsin Nov. 28 — The rare white buffalo was named Miracle Second Chance when it was born on a Wisconsin farm last August during a massive thunderstorm. On Monday, “Chance” was buried after being killed by lightning and buffalo farmer Val Heider of rural anesville were trying, as mourners often do, to find something meaningful in the loss.

“It’s so ironic,” Val Heider said today. “There was a crack of lightning that lit up the sky on the day he was born and the same thing happened on the night he died.” The short life — Chance lived three months and one day — had renewed interest in the Heider farm, home for a decade to Miracle.

Mayan Astronomy Whereas the Egyptians studied the movements of the Hyades, Orion and its companion star Sirius, the Maya were more interested in the nearby Pleiades star-cluster. They viewed it as the warning rattle of a great cosmic serpent, which seems to have corresponded to the ecliptic. The head of this serpent was the sun and they believed that it was the source of all life on earth.