SS: the “we love enchantress” panstarrs made it’s solar graze in march of 2013 after many months of escorting the holmes* to the MU1 Scorpii star in mayan hunab ku beehive region.. the word “maya” is actually mean “illusion”.. the “we love enchantress” panstarrs was joined at solar graze by the lemmon spear which developed as a green comet with a long tail.

This still from a NASA video shows the Comet Pan-STARRS (bottom), the Earth (right) and the planet Mercury (left) as seen by NASA’s Stereo-B spacecraft in early March 2013. (NASA)

Yuri Beletsky, a Magellan Instrument Support Scientist at Las Campanas observatory located in Atacama Desert in Chile, used a Canon 5D Mark II camera with an exposure time of ~ 30 seconds on Feb. 28, 2013 to capture this image of Comets Pan-STARRS and Lemmon. (Yuri Beletsky)

Vanguard (military formation) The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. The vanguard derives from the traditional division of a medieval army into three battles or wards; the Van, the Main (or Middle), and Rear.[1] The term Vanguard originates with the medieval French avant-garde, i.e. the ward in front. The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line.

Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. — Secrets of the Samurai







SS: the “we love enchantress” panstarrs aligned with the moon producing a naked-eye twilight visible moon and comet alignment right as was closest to the sun. anytime we see the moon and the star that is the secret order. we can see with our very own eyes. many people when they see this might think this is only a rare occurrence. the moon passes near these objects when they are near the ecliptic like this one and sometimes will even eclipse them. the “we love enchantress” panstarrs was very bright during it’s alignment because the timing.  because of this alignment this comet will always be a *great* comet. following this alignment “we love enchantress” panstarrs made a close passage to the constellation andromeda .

SS: now we can see this with our own eyes. and these object produce x-rays…. and “scalar activity”. most people know what an x-ray is .. “scalar activity” are waves or vibrations that oscillate longitudinal in the ZERO POINT VACUUM .. the zero point vaccuum is a hyper dimension that i believe is etheric .. TIME and SPACE inside the zero point vacuum is different than how we percieve TIME and SPACE in the polarized 3D sinkhole  .. to us it appears it has no TIME or SPACE.. the oscillations in this zero point vacuum are responsible for all the atoms that makes up our 3D sphere of sensation. the oscillations that hold the atoms together oscillate in this etheric hyper-dimension. the lab in switzerland can prove this they call them anti-particles. when the atom smasher smashes particles they will break up and there might be three particles bound to one of these anti-particles. an oscillation vibration that starts to oscillate in this etheric zero point vacuum can come into manifestation . all particles have a string vibrating oscillating in the “zero point vaccuum” .. these oscillations are bound to the brane at both ends while some are full looped oscillations called gravitons are not bound to the brane can escape to higher dimensions..

SS: the eclipse sequence that followed within weeks of “we love enchantress” panstarrs solar graze passage on topic of my discussion here. the eclipse sequence is actually a triple eclipse with lunar eclipse flanking both sides of the solar eclipse. the first lunar eclipse was between brachum and spica. the “scales of maat” is where the heart of the dead is weighed by the feather and they must weigh equal to pass through the hunab ku stargate to the higher dimensional worlds. the scalar potential of individual consciousness must form a full looped ring that is not bound to the brane to pass into the NETHERWORLDS. the only way to do this is consciousness to be tuned with the “Soul of Earth”.. the schumann resonance vibrates at the same frequencies as the human mind.



 SS: during the first portion eclipse sequence “we love enchantress” panstarrs made close passage near Ced 214 in Cepheus Cassiopa. following this within second lunar portion of the eclipse sequence the “we love enchantress” panstarrs is moving towards a close passage with the polestar polaris. it stayed looking good right to the polestar passage exit.

SS: there are two types of solar eclipses. annular eclipses are when the moon does not entirely cover the sun and forms a ring around the moon which is referred to as “ring of fire” eclipses.. the other eclipses the moon does cover the entire sun and this is when we see the “diamond ring” effect. there are two solar eclipses ina year, one of each type every year. annular eclipses like this one are almost always over the pacific ocean. the other type are pretty much seen everywhere.. the two kinds of effects have to do with the distance of the moon from earth during the eclipse. both instances are precise to give the effects that they do which another reason besides the moons traveling the ecliptic that i call the sun moon earth soul system.

SS: 06-01-13: need to update this blog because the “we love enchantress” panstarrs stayed looking very good during it’s polestar polaris passage.. after the “first point of airies” eclipse sequence “we love enchantress” panstarrs comet grew a very long tail. we can see how it brightened and became more active after the close passage with the sun.

Partial Lunar Eclipse of April 25 The first lunar eclipse of 2013 occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in southern Virgo about 12° east of Spica (mv = +1.05). It is visible primarily from the Eastern Hemisphere. The Moon’s contact times with Earth’s shadows are listed below.

Annular Solar Eclipse of May 10 The first solar eclipse of 2013 occurs at the Moon’s descending node in eastern Ares. An annular eclipse will be visible from a 171 to 225 kilometre-wide track that traverses Australia, eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the Gilbert Islands. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes Australia, Indonesia, Oceania and much of the central the Pacific Ocean (Figure 2).

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 25 The second lunar eclipse of the year again occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in Scorpius about 7° northwest of Antares (mv = +1.07). With a penumbral eclipse magnitude [6] of 0.0158, just 0.5 arc-minutes of the Moon’s southern limb will pass into Earth’s pale penumbral shadow; such a shallow eclipse is only of academic interest since it will be all but impossible to detect.

2291a. djed medu nut ek nu hha nit pu mek nu iri en en ek – Said is the Word (sah) of such-inefficacy-of-yours, so that an (immortal, Telekinesis) Queen will manifest (6 inches before the brow), so see this which one has achieved for you (the mortal Queen).

2291b. djed medu nehem en tju em o ir red e – Whenever said is the Word (sah), it will happen because one (an immortal, Telekinesis-Queen) has taken you (the mortal Queen) away from whatever is against your footing (6 inches before the brow),

2291c. ne redi en tju en ir o ek – it will happen because one (an immortal, Telekinesis-Queen) has not moved you (the mortal Queen) on-the-way-to anything which is against your control (6 inches before the brow),

2291d. khu en tju djed medu em o nut ek nu – it will happen because one (an immortal, Telekinesis-Queen) has excluded you (the mortal Queen from evil). Said is the Word (sah) in control of such-inefficacy-of-yours (6 inches before the brow),

2291e. em shenot iret her etj en sedjeru – in the turned-back-Eye which belongs to your Sight on-the-way-to trance. This Utterance is located in the Pyramid of Nit, one of the Queens of King Pepi II. It is written on the east wall of her sarcophagus chamber and shows how deeply interested she was in achieving success in paranormal attainment. — Pyramid Texts from the Plateau of Saqquara