SS: The birth of the priestess queenbee occurred on 24 October 2007 when comet 17P Holmes* exploded in the night sky as the first ever recorded “MEGABURST” in our lifetime of a comet .. The last time this comet exploded like this was in November of 1892 it exploded next to the andromeda constellation when a AC was a teenager. which later in life recorded in one of his works regarding the “Priestess of the Silver Star” which i knew was the mermaid priestess etched into the side of the planet.

SS: in the above 24 Oct 2007 skymap can be seen the holmes* object begin to outburst it is very bright and is very near the algol “queens eye” which the object will loop around and pass directly over the “queens eye”  .. as it does this it grows larger than the sun becoming the largest object in the solar system for several months .

HOT NEWS: Astronomers in Japan, Persia and Europe report that Comet 17P/Holmes is undergoing a spectacular eruption. The 17th magnitude comet has brightened by a factor of five hundred thousand or more during the past 24 hours becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. Look for a yellow 2.5th magnitude fuzzball in the constellation Perseus after sunset. [sky map] [ephemeris] [3D orbit] BELOW: Can you find the comet in this Nov. 16th photo of the great pyramids of Giza?

115 YEARS AND COUNTING: On the evening of Nov. 6, 1892, amateur astronomer Edwin Holmes was scanning the night sky above his backyard in England when he spotted something no one had ever seen before: an exploding comet. One hundred and fifteen years later, Comet 17P/Holmes is exploding again.  What would cause a comet to explode and then do it again 115 years later? That is the great mystery of Comet Holmes. “It’s amazing to think that the light we see now comes from the same object that was also bursting more than a century ago.” say Joson and Aguirre.

SS: we can see this details in the above 17 Jan 2008 starmap that just as the holmes* comet has grown larger than the sun and begins to pass directly over the algol “queens eye” star that it is in alignment with the moon with Pleiades .. this is not the first “queens eye” i have also seen hyakutake “1000 samurai” also pass directly over “queens eye” .

SS: the star algol happens to be another well known eclipsing binary star .. now we can see the “queen’s eye” is an eclipsing binary star just like the isis queenstar sirius is also an eclipsing binary star . this is the sirius-like-eye talked about in the egyptian pyramids:

1646b. djui ef n shem en iob en en ef so that when he (the Adept Mouth) calls upon us (the Pyramid Builders), we will go, and we will unite for him,” The Adept Mouth will know that the Set of Nine Pyramid Builders will only descend upon earth once every 26,000 year precessional cycle of the earth’s spin axis, and so he will not call upon it to do that more often. – The Pyramid Texts by THOTH : Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara

458a. {djed medu} sebesh pet onekh sepedet en unis is onekh za sepedet {Whenever said is the solitary Word sah}, so that the Blue Void will cause-a-gleaming, so that the Sirius-like-Eye will live-visibly (for an Atlantean is a living one, a son of the Sirius-like-Eye),

458b. uob en en ef pesedjeti it will be because the bilateral-Microcosm (in his spine) has originated-Soul-control for him 458c. em mesekhetiu ikhem sek in the analogous Adze-Star, the Inner Polestar – The Pyramid Texts by THOTH : Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara